Accomadating and modifying adhd students Flirt4free classic

Studies show that these students benefit from general education mathematics instruction if it is adapted and modified to meet the individual needs of the learners (Salend, 1994). They can be as simple as using graph paper to help student with mathematics disabilities keep columnar addition straight or as complex as solving calculus equations with calculators.

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An algorithm is a routine, step-by-step procedure used in computation (Driscoll, 1980 cited in Mc Coy & Prehm, 1987).

Multiplication and division (Mc Coy & Prehm, 1987) can be illustrated through the use of partial products (see Figure 5) .

Further, arrays that use graph paper to allow students to plot numbers visually on the graph and then count the squares included within the rectangle they produce.

Lock Adaptations and modifications come in many forms.

Students with learning disabilities (LD) are increasingly receiving most of their mathematics instruction in general education classrooms.


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