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Alina Hinum: She is the team engine in the third line.

She has stepped up lately and could surprise everyone.

A total of 18 teams registered for the 8th Womens U19 World Floorball Championships.

This is the most ever registrations for this event and was the first time that a qualification had to be held for this event.

That is a little seen in the rage" Grand Theft Bother".

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She is a very talented home grown player that performs excellent on court.

Australia, Italy, The Netherlands & New Zealand all registered for the first time in the Womens U19s. Gallen and Herisau, Switzerland, and is made of up 8 teams in A-division & 8 teams in B-division.

All A-division teams, as well as six B-division teams were directly qualified, based on results from the Womens U and regional quotas.

Team USA is a blend of highly skilled stick-handling and athletic abilities.

They have a hard time to train together as the funding for what they do is minimal.


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