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“We just kinda agreed we weren’t going to make promises with anyone because last season that’s where I went wrong,” Jenna said. They walked away with bronze medals and a shared ,000 cash prize.

“I said let’s just kind of stay out of the drama and keep on the DL (down low).”While it appears Jenna is gearing up for another season, Brianna said that after living through the grueling finale and prison-like “Challenge” house rules, she’s not so sure if she’d return. “You get the checks when you get home, you’re buying shoes and you know what?

All this being said, I was 23 and very immature when I was first cast and most likely would’ve been with someone else by the time my ex got there.

So I’d like to say I’d be good about it, but truthfully I would probably be a complete train wreck and really fun to watch.

Jenna Compono is officially a “Challenge” champion.

During that final race I saw a side of Frank I’ll always love.His never quit win at all costs mentality, the same as mine.So it was no surprise when put on other teams on The Challenge: Rivals 2 why we butt heads. I love his ambition, his passion and his ability to make people laugh.was filmed in Bodrum, Turkey, with TJ Lavin returning as host.The series was created for MTV by Bunim/Murray Productions.Jonathan Murray, Scott Freeman and Justin Booth serve as Executive Producers.


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