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But in May of 2017 she was working on a Kat & Bare photo shoot with a fashion model she'd worked with before, Jessica Serfaty, who proudly announced that she had a handsome new British boyfriend - Ed Westwick.'Freedman was stunned and worried for Serfaty and immediately told Serfaty that she should be careful', the court documents claim.But when Serfaty asked why, Freedman continued to be silent about her own rape experience, the papers claim.Freedman also recounted the experience to a close friend and her close friend's mother.

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Freedman made a conscious decision to stay silent.'Freedman 'threw herself into her work' for the next three years.

Westwick penetrated Freedman anally deeply with his fingers anyway, holding her down to do so over her protests.'Freedman became overwhelmed with confusion, fear and shock,' the papers state.'She became distant, letting her mind leave her body while Westwick had his way with her physical self, hoping for it to end.

Eventually, each session of intercourse from Westwick would end but when Freedman would ask to leave, Westwick would repeat that he would take her back to her car when he was ready, the papers state.

The former art director of the Instagram-based fashion magazine Kat & Bare, Freedman names Westwick in documents filed Wednesday night in Federal court in Los Angeles.

She's suing her ex-partners at Kat & Bare for, among several complaints, breach of contract and fraud, accusing them of 'shunning' her and cutting her out of the business she helped build after she decided to go public with her shocking account of her 'nightmare' 2014 sexual encounter with the screen heartthrob.


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