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In 2006, the house of Dior released the Poison Amulets.

These are limited edition 15 ml purse sprays available in Poison, Pure Poison, Tendre Poison and Hypnotic Poison; each comes with 2 refills and is packaged in a satin pouch with funnel.

I can see why so many either hate it or love it - like someone said in their review, it's hard to be indifferent about it.

If I'm allowed into heaven, I would image this scent to be my wings.

If I'm living in hell, I thought to carry the VINTAGE Poison every day is well done.

Don't waste your money on those Tom Ford's, or your time on never-ending seeking for niche fragrances unless you have got one VINTAGE Christian Dior Poison perfume at hand.

Batch: 6475W (1987) Made in France I LOVE Dior poison ! just apply it lightly, one spray at an arm's distance away from your body then walk into the perfume mist is enough to last all day.


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