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I was born on the south side but as a kid my mum was doing a lot of theatre at La Mama and the Pram Factory, which were two of the main theatre companies that were burgeoning in the ’70s and they were on the other side so we travelled a lot.

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"My name, I don't know whether they think a house full of gangsters coming over or whatever it may be that narrow minded people think in their stupid little worlds," she said.eastern suburbs side around St Kilda, Brighton, that area.They talk all the time about the Melbourne/Sydney divide, well there’s also a divide in Melbourne between one side of the river and the other, the north and the south.Williams has been very vocal in her criticism of actress Kat Stewart's portrayal of her."I certainly don't talk the way she does," Williams said."I sound like some real Aussie chick who comes from the slums of god knows where.


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