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He was “initially not forthcoming as to the full extent of his relationship with Masood”, claiming he had only met him weeks before and complained about his arrest and the impact on his children.

One of Masood’s relatives, a 27-year-old man, was also arrested after he refused to hand police his phone because he needed it for work.

Officers uncovered messages the man sent to Masood two hours after the attack reading: “I will take care of her inshallah [God willing]. Please give us a call when possible”, and then minutes later: “May Allah grant you peace and honour Ameen.” Later the same evening, he texted Masood saying he had visited his home: “Khalid... We just knocked for you but no answer.” The report said the man fully cooperated with police and denied knowledge of the attack, describing himself as a strict Muslim but “ignores the situation in Syria as he finds it too depressing”.

Another man, a 30-year-old associate of Masood was arrested after police found out he had received religious instruction from the terrorist had was “becoming more extreme and talking about jihad”.

“When she saw the incident on Twitter she was worried he might be involved and tried several times to get a hold of him.” The woman cooperated fully with police and passed on details of Masood’s other associates.

Among them was a 58-year-old man who had also tried to call the attacker and was due to travel abroad with him “imminently”, sparking suspicion that he was complicit in the attack.

The sweep contributed to a record number of terror arrests recorded in the UK last year, when the Westminster attack was the first of five atrocities to strike London and Manchester.

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In total, police seized 584 pieces of potential evidence, including 256 electronic devices.

Details of a jihadi manifesto sent by the Westminster attacker on Whats App minutes before launching the atrocity have been revealed in a report that probed why police arrested a dozen potential suspects and then set them free.

Khalid Masood placed a photo of himself on the front page of the document, which was entitled “Jihad” and included extracts from the Quran and other Islamic sources that he claimed to support violence.

“I considered very hard the fact that 12 people were arrested and detained but none were charged, but I reached the conclusion that this was an efficient investigation, and a reasoned and proportionate use of the relevant terrorism legislation,” he told “This this was a standing start, the police had to work with what they found on the bridge on that day and it is extremely important not to apply too much hindsight.” Those arrested in the wake of the attack included Masood’s ex-wife, who had two young children with the attacker.

In a statement released through police, she said she was “saddened and shocked” by his attack, condemning his actions.


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