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She apologizes for misleading him, he wanders off for greener (straighter) pastures, and then we finally get to the good part. Stacy gets encouragement from Cassie and Charles, who tell her, “What do you have to lose?

If it were, I would just choose a life that wasn’t so complicated.

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” Tay foolishly thinks he still has a chance, because “Tay beats gay.” (If you’re wondering what that sound is, it’s a million lesbians rolling their eyes.)At prom, when Tay is pulling out all of his best break-dancing moves (even The Robot! (you can guess where this is headed): Stacy: But I like girls. (This is still ABC Family, after all — nevermind that they have a show dedicated to sorority girls who sleep with everything that moves.)Stacy smiles up happily at Tay, who winks at her as he finishes his song. American readers can watch the whole episode now on

Here’s my truncated play-by-play: Stacy looks longingly at Kelly, who is dancing with a guy. ”As soon as Kelly’s alone, Stacy makes her move, just as Tay gets up on stage to croon an R&B ballad (don’t ask).

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