Freddie highmore dating emma roberts

"No, he's very happy playing football, carrying on with music, piano and violin," says Highmore the elder.

"He's very happy not to have been involved in all of it.

And the roles I take have always been family decisions.

That might change a bit now with me leaving home, but before, it would affect the whole family: my brother, my mum and my dad – we'd all discuss it.

The Gavin Wiesen-directed movie, which also stars Michael Angarano and Elizabeth Reaser, hits theaters June 17!

Freddie Highmore was front-and-center on Sunday for a panel for his upcoming ABC series The Good Doctor, as part of the Television Critics Association summer tour held in Beverly Hills, California at the famed Beverly Hilton hotel. Shaun Murphy, who i MDb describes as a 'young surgeon with autism and Savant syndrome [who's] recruited into the pediatric surgical unit of a prestigious hospital.'Highmore said he hopes to shatter people's perceptions on autism in the groundbreaking role.

It was not just about what I wanted to do, because four months away in Montreal, for example, for The Spiderwick Chronicles [the 2008 fantasy in which Highmore played twins], it does affect everyone.

My dad usually comes out with me and my mum usually stays with my brother, so it's quite a long time to split up the family." Indeed, the Highmores are a close-knit family – they share an Arsenal family season ticket – but with the limelight firmly on his older brother, is 15-year-old Bertie Highmore just a tiny bit, well, jealous?

"Even before Dan and I had done our first film, we were playing together on the beach. So it's funny that we've grown up and both ended up doing films.

"It is very funny to go through your life with her as your mum every so often. The actress is married to Tim Burton, who is supposed to have cast Highmore in Charlie...

on the say-so of Johnny Depp, Highmore's co-star in Finding Neverland.

"It's very nice having my mum as my agent," he adds.

"You know that she's always doing what's best for you.


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