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"I met a million people with a million idea*," the says. TOPS Kas., 359, a.n weigh-in: am meeting, the United Methodist ' Church of the Cross. But offshore, they are still rare and controversial.

"Best of all, I wasn't treated like a pretty woman. And most of the controversy about them is back on land.

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cr ,», y ,« ' Ralph'the roustabout Mrs.- The ERA, which would ban discrimination based on sex, has been passed "by 34 states. V , LWV schedules orientation ' ' The League of Women Voters of Salina will have an orientation meeting at pm Wednesday at the home of ":6lorine Shelton, 211 Millview. She's the spunky activist who spent a night in a St. About her ecclesiastical-Establishment upbringing: "We were alwayi taught that you demonstrate your religion by your actions in life." The Tree theory of accomplishment is being touted by Mrs.Thirty-eight must approve it before it can become the 27th amend- ment to the U. Augustine, Fla., jail in 1964 for taking part in a civil rights demonstration. Tree's 2 dazzling daughters who are spirited doers themselves. Dear Ann Landers: I know you don't like it when people ask you to do their dirty work, but I hope and pray you will make an exception and print my letter.That way you have the best chances of finding someone through online. Vision, passion and knowledge make Prosumer a guardian of house music history and one of the formative artists, influential DJs and important producers of our days.She says she planted the seed of accomplishment in her children's heads when they were tots. Every night, I'd go to their cribs and tell them they were beautiful, they were good and they were hard workers. Dear Neighbor: Most people undress before going to bed, but you, my dear, have a habit of undressing when you come home from work.


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