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Their chemistry was great and the pair tied the knot in 1991 after dating for a mere two months.

In the e-mail, which, according to the New York Post, had the subject line “Tiger Woods/Jesse James/Mike Nilon,” the actress wrote: “What do they have in common … Quotes: Interesting Facts: Garcelle Beauvais was born in Haiti however after her parents divorced she moved to the United States with her mother and siblings where she lives to this day. She was 17 years old when she moved to New York City and started her modeling career.In 2001 Beauvais was voted as one of the 10 most attractive women in the world by the readers of the Black Men Magazine.During her early modeling days, she met TV producer Daniel Saunders in New York City.It was a love at first sight and the pair hit it off instantly.During her long career, she dated various celebs but converted the short term fling into marriage only twice.


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