How long were megan fox and brian austin green dating

Before officially breaking up with her first love she started to take interest in 7 Heaven actor David Gallagher. Not too long after that Ben realized that Megan wasn’t coming back and that it was time to move on, so he called Megan and officially broke up with her.Although she knew this was best for both of them she did have a broken heart.He took his new girlfriend everywhere to show her off to everyone.They wanted to prove their love to the world so they had tattoos of each others’ names on engraved on their bodies.They were truly in love; after two years of dating Brian asked Megan to marry him and she said yes. Megan Fox and Brian planned to have a small wedding with only family members and a few close friends.In the meantime they lived together as Megan started to rise to fame.Before leaving to Hollywood Megan Fox did have a first love.From age 14-17 Megan had her first serious boyfriend Ben Leahy, a firefighter in Florida. They dated for 3 years until she left to pursue her dreams. They had a wonderful relationship; they were lovers and best friends.

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Either Megan Fox doesn’t like to waste time or she doesn’t like to be alone.

He said that when Megan was with him she was obsessed with looking at women’s bodies.

She loved to look at women in magazines especially Angelina Jolie, but isn’t that normal, doesn’t everyone?

It’s like I said before when she left her first love Ben for fame, is she leaving Brian for fame also?

So, now we really know who Megan’s true love is, it’s acting, they say she wants to become the next Angelina Jolie.


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