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Our new Widnes site will create high quality manufacturing jobs and a wide range of training opportunities.

When coupled with modern processes driven by Industry 4.0 vision, plus the ability to train staff in a word class environment, the facility is designed to be the most productive for paint and heavy modernisation globally.Our signalling and electrifcation activities are nationwide and are delivering the next generation of technology to help improve timetables and ensure safety on the railway whether on projects or the installed asset sacross the country.Alstom has an impressive history in the UK dating back to the dawn of the railway, and we have been involved in some of this country's most significant and innovative rail transportation infrastructure such as HS1, Manchester Metrolink, Network Rail’s Signalling and electrification systems, Nottingham Tram and half the trains on the London Underground.Alstom has formed solid partnership with local players Alstom and JV partner Taylor Woodrow completed work on the Nottingham Express Transit (NET) extension allowing millions of Nottingham commuters to have comfortable and eco-friendly journeys into and out of the city.The expanded network has more than doubled the existing tram line, with 17.5km of new track and 28 new stops to the South and Southwest of the city, with the extension linking directly with the existing NET Line One at Nottingham Station.The Focus Areas are sustainability aspects of most relevance to our activities where we face the greatest opportunities and highest risks.


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