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Joey and Sam split up before he went on , and she was rumoured to be entering the camp as a shock guest, although that proved to be false.Bookies are now offering odds on 10-1 that Joey and Amy will end up marrying like former jungle couple Katie Price and Peter Andre.His religious beliefs are not himself from 2011 to 2013. Essex first appeared in the ITV2’s reality soap opera The Only Way Is Essex from 2011 to 2013. He was a part of the main cast from series 2 to 10. In the same episode, Tattoo Fixers star Paisley Billings was left heartbroken after her date didn’t want to see her again.without much luck, having been given a sexiness rating of 7.5 by his last date, but maybe all he needs is some fried chicken."KFC is perfect, it's down the road. All my dates are pretty sick, I'm telling you," he told And would you believe it, it doesn't always work."I took a girl to KFC once and she wasn't exactly happy," Joey recalled. I haven't found mine but I do believe there's one out there for me. I think there's more than one for each of us but they are very rare and it's just whether you get to meet them," he said.Leo Southwark, London, England He was not much good at studies.

Versace Versace Versace." He has even introduced 21-year-old Amy to his father Donald, who was initially convinced Joey would reconcile with his ex-fiancée Sam Faiers.

When he DOES get a date, Joey says it's difficult to find somewhere to go and not be papped: "I always go somewhere where there's no camera, and ask to sit in the corner of restaurants.

We have to be undercover." He's definitely done well at keeping this romance under wraps, hasn't he?

Joey revealed: "There have been a few girls who basically said ' I don't want to do that', or they [date me] and they don't like it.

But they know what they're getting themselves into".


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