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Because the social network is the one most popular and highloaded sites in runet, its visits can be used to make DDo S attacks on smaller sites.VK performed DDOS attacks on certain sites, making users' browsers send multiple requests to the target site without their consent.

VKontakte was incorporated on 19 January 2007 as a Russian limited liability company.

In the same month, the site was subjected to a severe DDo S attack, which briefly put it offline.

The user base reached 1 million in July 2007, and 10 million in April 2008.

The targets were the Runet Prize voting page in 2008 It was done by inserting an iframe and a piece of Java Script code which periodically reloaded the iframe.

As a countermeasure, antigate was detecting whether iframe was loaded from VK and if it were antigate had redirected request to x Hamster, a well-known porn site.


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