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With some date coaching, confidence boosting, and evaluation into what wasn't working, she achieved amazing personal growth and ended up with lots of second and third dates.

My favorite part about being a matchmaker is establishing such strong relationships with my clients.

Guy goes radio silent for three days, then starts texting me exclusively after 1am. The League only gives you five matches a day -- helllooo! And with that low number, you're also unnervingly aware of the fact that you'll be called out as flaky if you don't talk to these people.

Insecure, 22-year-old me would've been a doormat to that shit. Or worse, if you don't swipe right you'll be kicked out.

50,000; whereas according to the Economic Survey of Pakistan, the per capita income of Pakistan is 0 or Rs. Concerned about the water situation (for example, lack of potable water) in poor communities, Mr.

Keeping this in mind, many companies have launched bottled water. 6 per liter: still a price, which the poor and lower income groups cannot afford.

At the end of the day and no matter where you find them, there are people who rock and people who suck.

The League is yet another tool distracting from your loneliness, enabling your paradox-of-choice-like fear of commitment, and reminding you how little (or how much) self-respect you currently have.

The social enterprise as a company was wounded up while the pilot outlet still functions in Lahore. Paniwala (PW) looks back to a year ago when his negotiations with a major international social venture fund were almost finalized, before they suddenly collapsed and so did his dream to start a revolutionary social enterprise for providing safe drinking water to the poor in a financially sustainable way.

Potable water in Pakistan is polluted, and the health situation is getting worse.


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