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The story begins more than two decades ago, at a party in another house not far from this one.

The man inside was there, as were many of his friends, which meant that the attendees were a hodgepodge of the most notable lawyers and doctors and businessmen in Terrell, Texas.

Annette was simply at a loss for words because she had hoped that he would recognize this was best for her and the kids,' the source added.

The source also revealed that Lauer’s wife threatened legal action if he did not leave the residence.'Matt will always be more concerned about public perception and obviously doesn’t want to make headlines for being forced out of the house.

The disgraced host was dressed in a navy puffer, jeans, brown boots and a black cap and scarf.

He was seen sitting cross-legged on a wooden outdoor chair while chatting on the phone.

At the time of the party, not much more than a decade out of law school and still in his thirties, he was already district attorney of his home county. A couple drinks and then a few and then who knows how many until he was well and truly lit, until he was finally a staggering mess, until he was finally so far gone that the prospect of walking home, never mind driving, was an Everest summit attempt.

The party's host had hired a local kid named Eric Bishop to provide entertainment, and Bishop -- who would eventually change his name to Jamie Foxx and move west -- was playing old R&B covers, pounding them out on a borrowed piano. And finally: The host and another friend poured the shambling young district attorney into, yes, a wheelbarrow.

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A cop guards the open gateway that leads from the house's driveway to the side yard, in case the man inside attempts to flee.Later he got up and walked around to enjoy the spring air in the Hamptons, where he recently put up his property for sale. Following his firing from NBC, Lauer has put several properties up for sale.Earlier this month he put his lavish Upper East Side apartment on the market for .35million, after slashing million off the asking price.Matt Lauer has been spotted lounging solo in the Hamptons, just days after he put his Manhattan apartment for sale.The former Today show host saw his glamorous life take a turn last November when he was fired from his anchor post after he was accused multiple times of sexual assault.They delivered him to his home, legs and arms flopping out to the sides like the limbs of an upended turtle.


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