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I calculate the receipts from my shopping trips to each grocery store, dividing the total by the number of items purchased. The Managers don’t make it any better because some of them are just as ignorant and careless as the employees, they’ll talk to you any kind of way and carry themselves in a very unprofessional manner.

“Aldi” and “Lucky’s” are receiving my hard earned income of lately. I pointed out that if it was left in back for one more day while product sold then there would be room and it would be undamaged and still fresh. I have seen many near misses and accidents where someone was driving reckless on their Pallet Jack and weren’t paying attention causing an accident where they run into the other person and their whole pallet fell, there have also been reports of many people getting hurt within short periods of time.Unfortunately, I ended up leaving because I got tired of going to what seemed to be a High School and being bullied by everyone, having to defend myself every day.I still think Publix may be a great company but I seriously think that there needs to be some investigation done at the Deerfield Beach Florida location because the same stuff that I am writing about is the same stuff that you see on the News but in most cases it’s too late because someone has already snapped due to the pressure of constantly getting bullied and picked on by everyone.Why would they – this is a food store and NOT A PET STORE.When I questioned several employees, and a Service Customer rep, I was told they were not allowed to question the owners about the dog. Also, if someone fell over the dog, the store could be sued for damages.Leesburg Publix, I was shocked today that I almost fell over a dog on a leash near the deli department.


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    Such an entity already exists in the Gaza Strip where Hamas rules according to its interpretation of Islam and already resembles Iran in its treatment of women and persecution of Christians.