Sophos configure updating greyed out

When we save this into our file, it essentially replaces the old password secret with the new password and will allow us to authenticate and disable tamper protection.We now need to start our services again to go into the application and disable tamper protection manually, but before we do that, we need to be a member of the local Sophos Administrator security group.#Silent uninstall, suppress Reboot, and create log file.

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We’ll have the user hit ENTER to confirm using a Add-Type -Assembly Name Presentation Core, Presentation Framework $Button Type = [System. Message Box Button]:: Yes No $Message Icon = [System. Message Box Image]:: Warning $Message Body = "Tamper-Proof has been disabled and it's ok to continue?

Be sure to close the Sophos AV Console window after disabling Tamper-Protect." Read-Host "Press ENTER to continue" #Open Sophos Endpoint AV Console for the user.

Use the call operator (&) to open the & 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\SAVmain.exe' #Prompt user to confirm tamper protection has been disabled.

Sophos is provided free to students going to universities, for example university of saskatchewan or Uof S provides free Sophos use on students/faculties/staff computers at home.

They however have this Auto update schedule to check for updates ever hour, which is awfully annoying, and some users will not like to have sophos update regularly every hour. You might need to redo this step if you update manually using the Update Now option. Unless you make your files as Read only (i will try that later on ) .


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