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Now I will tell straight up that our first test of this workflow is not going to work.The entire point of this series of articles is to show you *why* things do not always work what you need to do about it.Now look again at the gory detail of the error that was logged by the workflow. So what happened is when the workflow tried to update the document with its stage, the check-out requirement resulted in Share Point sending back a HTTP Error 500 (server error) back to the workflow manager. Instead, the details of the response logged by workflow has all sorts of information about the HTTP request, but no hint to the underlying error. The final question was what we could do about this issue.We see the following string amongst all the other stuff. There are two relatively easy ways, but before I do that, let me show you what happens if you check out the document and then attempt to run the workflow.

Hovering over this icon displays yet more information. Details of last request: HTTP Internal Server Error to Correlation Id: de95e312-e24b-42c3-9369-5bae68040219 Instance Id: 9ed3a11d-f665-4512-9b17-78850356c846 Okaaaay, so that error message is about as useful as Windows Vista. This would have saved the effort of delving deep into the ULS logs and that is not even possible in Office 365.As we progress, I hope that you will learn quite a bit about the operation of workflows in Share Point 2013, as well as developing and troubleshooting them.After all, we all know that the best citizens are informed citizens!This time, we see an error that would stump many – the sort of error that an information worker would have to call up helpdesk for. It shows an internal server error and a correlation ID. The answer to this question is a little more complex and relates to how Workflow Manager and Share Point interact with each other.Furthermore, if you wait another minute or so, and then refresh the workflow status screen, it’s internal status is no longer started, but now has the status of Cancelled. One again, clicking the little blue info button gives us more detail. Without getting into detail, the gist of the issue is that Workflow Manager uses REST webservice calls to do all of its operations on Share Point content.Application Development, Business Analysis, Business Process Management, IAAS, o Data, Process Improvement, REST, Share Point, Share Point 2013, Training, Troubleshooting, Workflow, Workflow Manager, Workflows Hi and welcome to part 3 of my series of articles that take a peek under the hood of Share Point 2013 workflows, while trying to answer the question of whether Share Point 2013 workflows can enable citizen developers to go forth and solve business problems and catapault organisations to success.


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