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In 2008, Ueno reunited with Nodame co-stars Eita and Asami Mizukawa in Fuji TV's drama, Last Friends, as Ruka Kishimoto, a talented motocross racer with a hidden secret she cannot discuss with friends or family.Taeko Asano, the screenwriter of Last Friends praised Ueno's acting of Ruka, stating that Ueno is a "natural genius" and that she became "the character itself". She also appeared with Kazuya Kamenashi in the special television movie of Kinda'ichi Shōnen no Jikenbo the same year taking over the role of Miyuki Nanase from Anne Suzuki.Ueno's popularity rose further when she was cast as Megumi Noda ("Nodame") in the 2006 live-action television adaptation of the popular manga Nodame Cantabile.The drama is a romance about a man burned by love with a woman still seeking answers to love, which can describe half the drama romances out there.It’s not based on a manga or manhwa, not that it has to be, but looking at TOP with his striking features and quirky animated Juri just makes me think they would look perfect as illustrated characters come to life.

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Gō is NHK's 50th Taiga drama, and only its 10th drama with a woman as the main character. Check out all the cute filming pics, but be forewarned that the ice-cream thingie Juri is eating resembles something quite awkward. She first gained recognition in the 2005 film Swing Girls where she was a recipient of Newcomer of the Year prize at the Japanese Academy Awards.[ 52, -7] I've noticed in Japanese animes and dramas that younger women often date older men... [ 38, -5] Why is she dating that dirty looking ajusshi... From now on, whatever happens, I will still continue to do my best. We have a lot of experiences and I think that every point was able to be connected now. [ 75, -4] I've noticed a lot of Japanese female celebrities date men significantly older than them 6.


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