Who is patrick flueger dating

Where a multi-page letter is appropriate and desirable, a picture postcard is all you can expect.

CBS, get it together, your viewers deserve better, which you usually deliver.

Emily, who’s turned up with the car, tries to convince Choi not to call Josh’s parents so that Josh agrees to come into the hospital. Meanwhile, Maggie Lockwood (Marlyne Barrett) warns Dr. But it could work out, because Will knows their patient’s previous doctor, and knows he’s a quack who does more harm than good. Daniel Charles (Oliver Platt) has some psuedo-fatherly advice for Reese about her actual father: When he can’t convince Reese to change her mind, Charles goes upstairs and tries to talk to Robert instead.

But maybe it’s good Ethan isn’t in because things are uncomfortable elsewhere. Ava Bekker (Norma Kuhling) has been socializing with his father, enough that Cornelius is sending her flowers. Natalie Manning (Torrey De Vitto) that she needs to get over it before assigning her to work with Dr. All he gets is plenty of snark, with Robert blaming Charles for his non-relationship with Reese and saying “you play a good game.” How many more attempts to get through to this guy will we make before we just accept it won’t work?

They’re in the waiting room, but Josh has done a runner and he left with a woman—possibly Choi’s sister Emily?

Over the valve repair surgery, Ava needles Connor about his relationship with his father and he makes more jokes about his father’s unhealthy interest in her.

We’re just disappointed that she didn’t throw the coffee in his face.

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Within the first 5 minutes the subject and the outcome are obvious and there is no need to continue watching.Choi checks on the kids at the homeless encampment.No one’s expecting a baby this time, but he’s worried Josh may have leukemia.Speaking of annoying dads, now Cornelius (guest star D. Moffett) has shown up at the hospital and he’s getting Ava coffee. Norma Kuhling’s face in this bit is spot-on, as Ava realizes that her ex-fling’s dad is hitting on her.She tells Cornelius that their relationship will be no more than professional and promptly leaves.Natalie continues to play along with them, which leads to Will uttering words he needs to take back: This explodes into another argument, with Will saying Natalie has to have everything her way and that she’s so perfect, while Natalie throws Will’s drunken mistake in her face.


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