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Each user registers initially (or is registered by someone else, such as a systems administrator), using an assigned or self-declared password.

On each subsequent use, the user must know and use the previously declared password.

However, password-based authentication is not considered to provide adequately strong security for any system that contains sensitive data.

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The three most common categories are often described as something you know (the knowledge factor), something you have (the possession factor) and something you are (the inherence factor).Password-based authentication weaknesses can be addressed to some extent with smarter user names and password rules like minimum length and stipulations for complexity, such as including capitals and symbols.However, password-based authentication and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) are more vulnerable than systems that require multiple independent methods.With the increasing number of Internet-enabled devices, reliable machine authentication is crucial to allow secure communication in home automation and other networked environments.In the Internet of things scenario, which is increasingly becoming a reality, almost any imaginable entity or object may be made addressable and able to exchange data over a network.The two terms are often used synonymously but they are two different processes. Experts Craig Mathias, Michael Cobb, and Randall Gamby weigh in on the advantages and disadvantages of 3 different authentication strategies: biometrics, 2FA and MFA.


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